Hey there.

Michael here.

I don't want to offer you a job. I want to invite you to join a team!

I've been in the landscape design industry for many years, but there's so much more to it than mowing lawns or removing snow. What keeps me going? What keeps my team going?

Our job is not always easy, but it's important. We can change the whole look of a business! We are MASTERS of curb appeal.

We add SO MUCH value to homeowners and business owners that we are constantly earning new business. Our clients are eager to show off their renovated property.




Here's the OFFER:

I strive to create a culture where my employees know that they're valued and enjoy their work.

These are men I trust. These are women I depend on. My team makes up my business and without them, we have no business. I reward them accordingly.

In our CityScapes™ Referral Program, team members earn $250 for referring others to join us! I trust their referrals. They grow the team. Their work is rewarded..

It's really that simple!

Who wants to clock in at a job they hate, give it their all, go on unappreciated, then come back the next day to do it all over again? No thanks.

We have some team members that could easily go start their own business using the skills they've learned with us. We compensate them enough so they don't, but they've acquired that level of skills working with us.

I believe in these two sayings:

"Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first."


"If you treat your employees like they don't make a difference, they won't."

We want you to love it. We know you can make a difference. We do expect a lot from our team, but we win or lose together. Join us today!

You don't have to take our word for it.


I was an employee for CityScape..

I was an employee for Cityscapes for a season. It was a great experience working with them! They really treat and care for us well and give us the tools to be self-sufficient in the quality work we provide. Hours can get long some days, but the pay makes up for that. I loved working outside on beautiful days and getting lots of exercise throughout the week! Cityscapes strives for high quality work which can be a bit tiring and thorough but is nice to see a big difference in the looks of the properties once we are done. One drawback of working for Cityscapes or any outdoor service is not always knowing what days you will work because of the weather, but from what I experienced they try their best to get you the hours you need in one way or another. Another thing I liked about working for Cityscapes is having the independence to make each property my responsibility and gave me pride in my work. I loved serving the community in this way!

BRYCE P.  //  Former Employee


  • Help us dominate this industry
  • Earn more money
  • Learn valuable skills
  • Join the city's best team (we may be a little biased)
  • CityScapes™ Referral Program Bonuses ($250)

P.S. This may surprise you, but we're NOT struggling to land new business. We have plenty of work and healthy growth. That's why we are focusing on growing our team, to keep up with the growth.

That's where you come in. If you help us crush it, we'll both win!

Job Title: Landscape Technician 
Pay Range: based on experience

Job Title: Office Admin
Pay Range: based on experience

Job Title: Foreman/Crew Leader
Pay Range: based on experience

Job Title: Lawn Care Senior Technician
Pay Range: based on experience

Job Title: Lawn Care Technician
Pay Range: based on experience

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