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Grass & Planter Beds

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Lush Grass and Beautiful Planter Beds

The Importance of Lush Grass and Planter Beds

At CityScapes Landscaping, we understand the importance of a beautiful and healthy lawn. A lush, green lawn not only enhances the appearance of your outdoor space but also provides a safe area for children and pets to play. Our team of experts specializes in sod and hydroseed installation, ensuring your grass looks its best all year round.

In addition to grass, we can also create beautiful and functional planter beds that add depth and interest to your outdoor space. Our experts will help you choose the perfect combination of plants and flowers to create a cohesive and beautiful look.

Our Grass and Planter Bed Services

At CityScapes Landscaping, we offer a comprehensive range of grass and planter bed services.

Sod Installation

Our experts will prepare the soil and lay high-quality sod to give you a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Hydroseed Installation

We use premium quality seed and fertilizers to ensure a healthy and vibrant lawn.

Planter Bed Design

Our team will work with you to design and create planter beds that complement your home’s architecture and landscaping.

Plant Selection and Installation

We’ll help you choose the best plants and flowers for your planter beds and install them with care.

Retaining Walls

Our experts can also install retaining walls to create different levels in your garden or planter beds, making your outdoor space more dynamic and interesting.

Our Benefits

Working with CityScapes Landscaping

When you choose CityScapes Landscaping for your grass and planter bed needs, you can expect:


Our team has years of experience and expertise in creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces.

Personalized Service

We work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life.

Quality Materials

We use only the highest-quality materials to ensure a beautiful and long-lasting result.

Affordable Prices

We believe that everyone should have access to beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, which is why we offer fair and affordable pricing.

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